About Us

Brand –Carbon, FRD 13, Ninety Six, Millschi, Frip.

Company -Heeraji Fashion LLP

Brand-in-Chief–Ramesh Kumar Bhandari

Product Portfolio–Men’s Shirts & Bottom Wears

Categories- Manufacturer & Wholesaler

Zealous Player

‘Heeraji Fashion LLP’ – the Bangalore-based Manufacturer and Wholesaler of Men’s Shirt & Bottom wear in-house brands - ‘Carbon’, ‘Frip’, ‘FRD 13’, ’Ninety Six’, ‘Millschi’ successfully set the base during 1994, by Ramesh Kumar Bhandari with highly-experienced Management onboard. And in operation, it has a young and energetic team onboard which looks into the brand affairs and maintain quality production.

‘Heeraji Fashion LLP’ in-house labels – ‘Carbon’, ‘Frip’, ‘FRD 13’ ‘Ninety Six’ ‘Millschi’ incorporate a whole range of Men’s Shirts, Bottom Wears, and Casuals. The product cost ranges reasonable and is affordable.